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Here at The Vegan Corner we are dedicated to cooking in all of its forms. Throughout various sections you will find culinary information of every kind; from simple and tasty traditional recipes to information on preparing ingredients. This portal is born from a desire that burns in our hearts- to communicate our perspective on food to all those who are passionate about cooking. For years we have searched through the most prominent cookery websites of the world; trying to formulate a plan to stand out in this jungle of recipes. Throughout this process our impressions were always the same; the recipes were well presented and photographed, but the taste of the resulting dish was rarely exceptional, and it was even more difficult to find a dish that truly reflected the tradition in which it was born. Driven by the desire to offer something different we have undertaken the task of presenting a quality cuisine founded on real flavours and clear instructions. The process of transforming an idea into recipe and then into a YouTube video is not an easy one; many professionals are involved and each preparation requires several days of work. But there is nothing we enjoy more and we are delighted to be able to work hard on a daily basis, bringing you exciting new recipes every week. We have one simple yet pivotal goal, which is to make our viewers happy! If people have an issue with our work, we have an issue with our work, and for this exact reason we are constantly working to improve the quality of our recipes.