We are 300 people across 40 countries. Together we grow faster.

We organise tours and retreats. Travel with like minded people. We have a page for every country in the world.

Join Wendy as she scours the globe to uncover vegan treasures in the most unlikely places. It's her mission to empower vegans and aspiring vegans to live their travel dreams without compromising their values.

Join Amanda Burger, a vegan solo full-time world traveler as she slowly wanders the world.

Hidden Cafes and Alleyways is a blog for the happily lost. Ethical and vegan travel info at your fingertips.

Tag along with Cristina, a happily addicted vegan traveller as she chronicles her travels in stories, photographs, and reflections.

Ibiza Vegan serves up both an online and in print guide to everything vegan on the beautiful Balearic holiday isle of Ibiza. Their Zero Waste shop sells eco friendly packaging that is environmentally safe and always completely compostable.

A vegan in Paris? Join Thomas and Paris Vegan Walkabouts for a three hour colourful, culinary jaunt where the focus is firmly on fabulous vegan fare. You'll visit artisanal food makers, markets and cafes and you'll take in historical back-alleys and learn fascinating, little-known facts about the city of light and its history along the way.

The Green V's goal is to show that a vegan and cruelty-free life can be luxurious, with high-end travel, food, fashion, cosmetics and more.

Founded in 1997 as a premier vegetarian/vegan/eco travel agency, Green Earth Travel, remains on the cutting edge of destinations with conscience offering a wide-range of travel options for those who care about the planet.

Wherever you are in the world The Vegan Word is there to show you how to make and find vegan food that is sometimes healthy, and always delicious.

Veg Jaunts and Journeys offer casual, small group tours (6 to 12 people) with unrivalled itinerary flexibility for the vegan (or aspiring vegan) traveller. They pride themselves on providing their guests with itineraries that ensure the time and the pace to really get to know a city and its vegan eateries.

VegVoyages specialises in unique off-the-beaten-track small group 100% vegan adventures to select destinations in Asia including Bali, Malaysia, Sumatra, Laos, Thailand and India.

Come aboard and enjoy your vegan vacation at sea. Vegan cruise lines combine great vegan food, awesome destinations and like-minded cruisers.

Join Caryl and Paul, a couple of location independent travel bloggers who left England in January 2014 to 'find, eat and write about the best vegan food in the world'.

Vegan Food Tours serves up exquisite vegan experiences in a number of Europe's finest cities. Guided city tours of Barcelona, Amsterdam, London and Rome led by a friendly local with three to five stops for delicious vegan bites along the way.

Join Nicole — a vegan expat based in Berlin — as she indulges her never-ending case of wanderlust. At Vegan Nom Noms you'll find recipes, reviews and travel tips from a plant-based perspective.

Vegan Travel is a community run site where vegans from around the world come together to share their passion for travel and adventure, help promote and grow interest in veganism, shed light on the issues animals are facing around the globe, and to help build a more sustainable and compassionate world.

Vegan Travel Club offers a range of plant-based tours of Italy, taking in her magnificent sites, spell-binding history and tantalising vegan food.

Vegan Welcome provides you with a wide range of accommodation offers from trendy city hotels to 5 star luxury resorts, from romantic countryside guesthouses to Indian ayurveda health centres. All of their listed hotels offer guests a range of vegan dishes.

Saddle up with Sarah and Josh as they wander through life taking it one meal at a time in search of belly-filling vegan adventures around the globe.

VegVisits is an online booking platform for vegans and vegetarians that connects hosts offering accommodations in their homes with travellers seeking the convenience, atmosphere and experience of staying with a local.

Oh, Ladycakes, where good vegan food and travel collide.

BeingSattvaa (essence or goodness in Sanskrit) is a world-class, luxury vegetarian wellness and eco-retreat in the village of Kenderan, a mere 10-minute drive from Ubud in Bali. Fringed by rice paddies on one side and rainforest on the other,

Working with CGP Trips the focus of World Vegan Travel is on luxury vegan travel that is high end and high value. Traveling as a vegan no longer means missing out. From trying local cuisine to activities that don't involve animal abuse, they've got you covered.

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, the host of the Food for Thought podcast and a recognized vegan author, educator and thought leader, is now leading her own vegan trips.

Vegan Adventure Holidays is an international community of active, compassionate travelers led by long-term traveler and former adventure tour leader, Emma Fry, and the Vegan Adventure Holidays team. Expect mud, rivers, volcanos, awesome landscapes, pineapple pitstops and mysterious ruins — good old-fashioned adventure at its very best.

Vegan Epicure Travel offers a range of experiences, excursions, tours and retreats. Exciting adventures, from urban to rural and everything in between.

Offerings for 2019 included a deluxe vegan cycling tour of California, a vegan tour of the French Riviera, and a women's wellness retreat in Sri Lanka.

A 4 hour vegan walking tour of São Paulo, Brazil in English. The SPVeg Gourmet Tour runs every Saturday and starts with a vegan breakfast at a local eatery called Vaca Ateliê Culinário.

Small group adventures in India, Sri Lanka and Brazil

A Canadian couple named Justin and Lauren from Toronto, slowly making their way around the world. Laurent is the part time traveler and full time travel blogger behind this site. They have a trip to India.

This Brazilian company offers tailor-made trips that focus on direct contact and interaction with locals, traditional culture, music, history, nature and food. Their Rio tour includes visits to a local animal protection project and an organic urban community garden, with a Brazilian cooking class.

Vegetarian Scotland Tours is a division of CDT & is offering Veggie/Vegan friendly tours Small group tours of up to 16 people, staying in Vegetarian Friendly properties, dining on sustainable Vegetarian and/or Vegan food, in Veggie friendly restaurants. Travel in style on a luxury midi coach to beautiful locations all over Scotland, learn the history, see castles, standing stones and Neolithic cairns. Stay in Historical Mansions, castles and boutique city hotels.

All Plant-Based Meals and Cooking Lessons; Breathtaking Vineyards, Wines, and Wineries; Tours of the Piedmont region of northern Italy, where you'll explore Italy's premier wine region. You'll visit medieval towers and castles, museums and ancient town centers, and numerous wineries. Use the code "veganonthemap" when booking to receive a $100 discount on your tour!

This is a self-guided road trip that includes visits to cider houses and some of Up Norway's favourite local food and drink establishments offering vegan cuisine.

Private tours for vegans in Peru and India. They also organize tours and retreats for single travelers, families, small groups and private groups based out of their vegetarian Andean Spirit Lodge near Cusco.

Botswana, which has completely banned hunting, has often been called "the most animal-friendly country in southern Africa". What better place to go on safari, then, as a vegan and animal lover? This offshoot of Lelobu Safaris in Maun, Botswana offers tailor-made trips to suit your needs and budget, including anything from luxury five-star resorts to more affordable camping trips.

In search for the best places, tips and resources on earth for people to be as happy as possible as a vegan. We believe that everybody deserved to be blissful and that in our joy we also realise our greatest contributions to the world. Simen Lie is a certified nutritionist. Latest tour in Bhutan.

Use discount "veganonthemap10" for 10% discount on your booking!!

Antarctica: The Seventh Continent!

* 10-Day expedition cruise

* Vegan menu & dining area

* Animal-product free cabins & gear

Private tours for vegans in Peru and India. They also organize tours and retreats for single travelers, families, small groups and private groups based out of their vegetarian Andean Spirit Lodge near Cusco.

Veganagogo, our particularly pretty, vegan travel translation app for the iPhone will have you speaking the language of vegan wherever your travels take you. Featuring seven questions and statements professionally translated into 50 languages, day and night modes, and a bunch of full-screen quirky animal icons to back up your message, our apps work offline so the further off the beaten track your travels take you, the better.

Vegan City Food Tours

Vegan Food Tours in Europe

Vegan Food Tours France

Offers three walking tours of Paris: (a) Hype in the City, (b) Historic Chic, and (c) Urban Street, and they have also expanded to Bordeaux and Lyon.

Vegan Tours of Dublin, Ireland

Vegan Tours of Galway, Ireland

Vegan Tours of Berlin, Germany

Vegan Tours of Budapest, Hungary

Vegan Food & Street Art Tour of Lisbon, Portugal

Vegan Sailing Tours of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Vegetarian and Vegan Tours of Prague, Czech Republic

Vegan Wine Tour of Bordeaux, France

This vegan/organic wine tour includes a visit to Blaye Citadelle, a drink at Chateau Peybonhomme Tower with an amazing view of the Gironde River, and a three-course lunch with two glasses of certified organic/vegan wine.

Vegan Food Tours in Asia

Best of Vegan Bangkok, Thailand

Taste of Thailand Food Tours has created an app-based, self-guided walking food tour that will take you on a journey along Sukhumvit Road, tasting delicious Vegan treats and enjoying interesting sights along the way!

Vegan Tours of Singapore

Everyday Vegan is a Singapore-based vegan online shop that also offers free walking (and eating) tours in Singapore. They just ask that you support them by making a purchase from their online shop in exchange for an informal, but super-enjoyable tour. For more info, contact them through their website linked above.

Vegan Tours of Tel Aviv, Israel

Vegan Food Tours in the Americas

Vegan Tours of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Vegan Tour of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Vegan Food Tour of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Vegan Food Tour of Lima, Peru

Mexico City Vegan Street Food Tour

Vegan Food Tours in Africa

Vegan Food Tour of Cape Town, South Africa

Vegan Food Tours in Australia

melbourne vegan tours

sydney vegan tours

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