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We can easily create custom tours for any group size, from 2 people upwards. You get a car with guide and we have arranged vegan meals in our partner hotels.

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Tropical Tour : April 18th 2020. This is a great time to see Lemurs. Everything is lush after the rainy season and temperatures are comfortable.

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When to go


The weather is cool and dry, making this a comfortable time to explore.

whales can best be seen during their June to September northerly migration, heading mainly up the east coast and to a lesser extent on the west coast.

October is a good time to see baby lemurs clinging to their mothers.

Apr-Jul, Nov-Dec

Following the rainy season, you get a lush landscape and plenty of sunshine, making it a great time to see lemurs and reptiles. Most of the national parks are open by early April.

By November some parks are starting to close. December see the start of the returning rains.


This is the rainy season, with February seeing the highest risk of cyclones. During this period you are going to get very wet and many roads are closed.

One benefit of higher rainfall is that chameleons, snakes and lizards come out for photographs


  • Madagascar Tourisme ( National tourist office site, with lots of info and great photographs.
  • Wild Madagascar ( Background information, conservation news.
  • David Attenborough’s Madagascar( BBC site with inspirational videos and images.
  • Travel Madagascar ( Practical information about planning a trip to Madagascar.
  • Madagascar National Parks ( Detailed background and practical information about Madagascar's national parks.