The Other Panama offers Diving & Whale Watching with a real and active focus on conservation.

Whether it's swimming with turtles and sharks, trekking through the jungle or watching whales.

​We experience these things whilst encouraging and demonstrating how they can be protected.

​We are based on the island of Isla Gobernadora close to the village of Santa Catalina, in the Veraguas Province of Panama.

When to go


We are a small group of animal liberation activists living in Panama: our group of activists is a mixture of immigrants from many country, as well as local Panamanians. We have one dream and one purpose in common!

While we all agree that going vegan is great and that by not including animals in our diet or refusing to use animals in other ways we are taking a position which is positive for the movement, we also believe that being vegan is THE LEAST WE CAN DO and that we can take things further through Non Violent Direct Action.