Bulgaria Mystery Tour


10 nights / 11 days

The tour is organized to be a guide into the very earliest history of human civilization and the mysteries of the unique Bulgarian culture. Bulgaria is proud of it's preserved traditions which can be traced to the very first human beliefs and worship practices. They have kept in touch with the way of life from centuries ago and have a strong the connection with the earth and nature.

Since Bulgarian culture is so nature connected, the food here is still organic and unbelievable delicious. In the itinerary of the tour are included only traditional local meals with a very high quality and also the opportunity to learn how to cook some of the meals. There are visiting local family organic farms and restaurants included as well.

The tour includes the most interesting old cities in Bulgaria, the hidden gems on the way, countless stories about the places, visiting natural and cultural sites, mountains, sea coast, caves, riversides, rock-hewn churches, ancient sanctuaries, ottoman heritage, Bulgarian cultural sites.

The tour is appropriate from April to October and for all ages.


Day 0

Arriving and airport transfer to 4* hotel in Sofia Day 1 – from Sofia to Plovdiv. Overnight Plovdiv

Start point Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria and Transfer to Plovdiv, which is the oldest city in Europe. On the way to Plovdiv the group will visit the archeological excavations of “Junacite”, a 6000 years old settlement, where Medieval, Roman, Iron Age, Early Bronze Age, and Copper Age periods have all been attested at the site.

After the lunch, we will visit Plovdiv, which is also European capital of Culture for 2019. The city is very artistic and impressive with its 8000 years old history. After the city tour the group will have check in in a 4* hotel and will have special dinner with local vegan meals.

Day 2 – from Plovdiv to Rhodope mountain. Overnight in guesthouse near to Kardzhali

On this day the group will take the southern direction to Rhodope mountain, which it the most magical one in Bulgaria. First stop for the day will be “The Devil’s Bridge”, an Ottoman structure from 16th century and with very interesting legend. Picnic in the Nature with local fresh meals. In the afternoon visiting of the most southern Bulgarian town in Rhodope mountain, which is a open air architectural museum as well. Overnight in the area in a traditional guesthouse with local homemade vegan meals.

Day 3 – from Rhodope mountain to the sea coast.

The day will be dadicated for one of the most mysterious santuaries on Bulgarian teritory. It is still open for disputes between the historians for what and when it was built, but no doubt it is amazing. On the way to there we will cross the most SE part of the country. Picnic in the Nature with local fresh meals. The next stop will be a small town on the southern sea coast and overnight in a family guesthouse and local homemade dinner there.

Day 4 – from South to North

This day will be the day for the southern seacoast and the stories about the anciant greek colonies on the Black sea. The first stop will be in Nessebar wich is protected by UNESCO and is overhelming with its long history and preserved anciant buildings. After lunch in a restaurant on the beach, we will continue to the North and in the afternoon we will be in the biggest and most beautiful city on the Black sea – Varna. The group will visit the Archeological museum of Varna in the afternoon. The Museum offers the most interesting exibition of the Oldest Golden tresure in the World. Overnight in 4* hotel in Varna. Dinner in a restaurant.

Day 5 – Varna – Ruse

The day will start with visiting the longest cap on our coastline and the medival fortress. After lunch in a local family restaurant, the group will visit a thracian tomb from 3rd century BC, included in UNESCO and in the late afternoon they will be in Ruse, which is one of the oldest cities on Danube river and is called „The little Viena“, because of the style. City walking tour in the evening and overnight in a 4* hotel in Ruse. Dinner in a restaurant.

Day 6 – Ruse – Veliko Tarnovo

The gropu will visit The Rock-hewn Churches near to Ruse, wich are in a Nature reserve area and the only one still active Rock churches in Bulgaria. The next stop is one Ethnographic open air complex for traditional workcrafts. Lunch in a local traditional restaurant there. In the afternoon the group will stop in Veliko Tarnovo, which is a Medieval Bulgarian capital. City tour and Overnight there. Dinner in a small village nearby in a traditional resataurant.

Day 7 – Veliko Tarnovo – Vidin

After a transfer to Belogradchik, the group will have lunch in a traditional restaurant and then will visit the spectacular fortress there and will enjoy the extraordinary view to the red rocks around. The next stop is Magura cave, which is the greatest mystery in Bulgaria. The group will have the best Magura guide, who explore the secrets of the drawings there for years and has some incredible theories about

the human origin, the creation of the first religion and how the knowledge was spread around the whole world, starting from Magura – the first University ever.

Overnight in Vidin, the most NW point of Bulgaria, an old city on Danube river with amazing Medieval fortress on the river bank. Dinner in a restaurant.

Day 8 – Vidin – Sofia

The day starts with transfer to Sofia and on the way we will stop to see one extraordinary place, the so called “The Eyes of God”, a cave with indescribable energy. Lunch in the best vegan restaurant in the capital. In the afternoon the group will have city tour on the most interesting sites in the city center. As an addition they will visit the grave of the most the most famous spiritual leader in Bulgaria – The Teacher Petar Dynov. Free time in the evening. Overnight in a 4* hotel in Sofia. Dinner in a restaurant.

Day 9 – Sofia – Rila Monastery – Boyana church – Sofia

The day is dedicated to two UNECSO sites. Rila monastery is the oldest Bulgarian Monastery and the most important one. The lunch will be in the area of the monastery in a small family restaurant with local vegan meals. In the Afternoon the group will visit Boyana Church, which is near to Sofia and is covered with unique pre- Renaissance murals. Free time on the evening and overnight in the same hotel. Dinner in a restaurant.

Day 10 – Visiting a family farm near to Sofia

On the last day the group will have an interesting activity day in a small family farm with opportunity to pick up the vegetables and to learn how to cook a traditional local vegan meal.

Free time in the afternoon and Gala dinner for the last evening together. The dinner will be with folklore program.

Price includes:

- Accommodation in 4* hotels and family guest hoses

- Vegan meals and homemade organic vegan meals

- Gala dinner and folclore program on the last day

- Bottle of water every day

- Private guide/driver along the whole tour

- Rent of a private car/van/bus during the whole trip with all expenses (fuel, parkings, insurance...)

- Sightseeings like described in the programme - Local guides where is need

- Entrance fees

- 24hrs assistance

- Organisation of the programme - Travel insurance

Price does not includes:

- Personal expenses

- Optional activities along the tour - Air tickets

- Personal insurance


Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria

Plovdiv – the Oldest city in Europe – 8000 years old

The Devil’s bridge – Rhodope mountain

Thousands of years old secret sanctuary

A medieval fortress on the longest cape in Bulgaria

UNESCO site – Thracian tomb 3rd century BC

Ruse – the little Vienna on the Danube river

Rock-hewn Churches

Traditional crafts open air exposition

The Magura cave and the greatest Mystery of the Human origin

Bulgarian traditional Vegan meal

The traditional Christmas Eve dinner in Bulgaria must be strongly Vegan.