Portugal Nature Detox Retreat

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999 €

1 week

We have 40 hectares along the river Rio Vascão, the longest uninterrupted Portuguese river and the most preserved. The land was planted with Pine trees and was abandoned since 1992. It is a hill pointing North with slopes and riverbed on the East and West sides of it. The vision is to establish a self-sustained plant based perma-culture, build using close to 100% natural material with different ancient building methods to become a Vegan retreat.

The initial phase is to start the nature camping body, mind, and soul detox retreat. In this phase we offer the following: - 100% plant based cyclic fasting body cleansing stay, our guests enjoy almost fully raw, neutrally complete meal. During the other 23 hrs of the day, we have herbal teas and water. - Yoga classes twice a day, mostly demanding yoga such as Bikram Yoga in the open - There will also be hands-on workshops mainly related to the project, i.e. agriculture, construction, etc. We are currently arranging a Compost Toilet build workshop for instance. - There are hiking trails, bird watching, MB trails, and also star watching possibilities - 4x4 expedition in the area - accomodations in tents, providing sleeping bags and beddings. There is no electricity nor water in Phase one, so it is not for every kind of guest, but ideal for those who need to be away for some time, cleansing holistically, and trying to live as close as possible to nature with the bare minimum. We prefer to receive a maximum of 6 guests at any given time, so each individual experience can receive the necessary attention and care. Includes airport pick-up and drop-off service.

Martim Longo Portugal

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