Community based and Eco tourism

With the growth of eco-tourism around the world, Iranian authorities decided to catch up with this great beneficial movement as well. So many eco- lodges are emerging in the tourism market of Iran to host the travelers. Community and indigenous travel promote a deep and more comprehensive understanding of the culture, nature, and local community to the traveler. And on the other hand, it empowers the local communities to fight against poverty and enables them to keep and improve their jobs and do not immigrate to major cities. Community based travel gives you the experience beyond being a tourist. It is a new and stronger connection between the human, nature, culture, and healthy food.

Experience Adventure in Gorgeous Iran

Long history, outstanding architecture, elegant gardens, delicious food, hospitable people, astonishing landscapes, and remarkable wildlife all represent Iran as a great destination to explore. Iran embraces mountains, deserts, forests, caves, canyons, rivers, Geo-park, and national parks. Since Iran covers a vast area, it takes advantage of various landscapes and different climatic conditions resulting in a remarkable biodiversity. Therefore, it has the most inspiring places for adventure travelers from around the world.

Meeting Nomads

While you pass through the shimmering slopes of Alborz and Zagros mountains, the nomads will welcome you and you will enjoy seeing their traditional lifestyle survived through centuries. Your dream to live a different life will also come true by meeting nomads, enjoying the companionship of its hospitable men and women, exploring their traditions, and tasting their delicious foods and drinks.


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