Nature & Tradition


5 days / 4 nights

Tour with varied natural foods and Organic products in the Alps of Iran within an historic setting dating back 57,000 years old.


Our tour starts at 8am in your arrival day at Kermanshah international airport.


Day 1: Palangan district and Quri Qala Cave

- Arrive at Kermanshah airport and have local breakfast in Kermanshah City.

- Meet our local representative (Salman) and transfer to Palangan village for Check In. it will take 2 hours to arrive at Palangan district, After visit a 1000 year village we will visit the longest cave in Asia called Quri Qala Cave in thirty kilometers of Paveh city.

- We will serve our local lunch in Quri Qala Cave.

- After that we welcome to you to Paveh city and Howraman district. An old myth regarding the name of the city is that the Emperor Yazdgerd III sent his son named Pav to this area to renew his religious Zoroastrian faith. Both Persians and the local Kurdish inhabitants practiced Zoroastrianism during the Persian Empire's Sasanian era from which this myth is derived.

- Strung along narrow terraces above a picturesque valley, rapidly developing and Urami-speaking Paveh(Pawa in Kurdish) makes an accessible introduction and gateway to the Uraman region. will visit the photography museum in Paveh city and you will get our book about Howraman.

- In the afternoon we will visit Khanaga village and the structure of Paveh city that I known as 1000 Masuleh.

- We will leave paveh city to visit Hirvey Village to a traditional accommodation nearby olive gardens and Sirvan River.

- After dinner we get some rest and overnight in the very beautiful village in traditional beds.

Day 2: Howraman village and Alps of Iran

- After a sumptuous local breakfast depending on your choice in Hirvey village, proceed for Howraman village City Tour by visiting Hajij, Belbar, Selen villages.

- Visit Howraman village and take pictures in the Alps of Iran, walking through the village and see the stunning structure of houses that made without any cement with only stone.

- Have lunch in Howraman village and visit traditional stores of Howraman village.

- After lunch and a bit rest in the traditional houses of Howraman we will go through the Alps of Iran in TATA mountains and will see the Iraqi border in the highest level of Kurdistan mountain by car.

- Visit Nodeshe village a village between the gardens of Howraman and enjoy the fresh air of Howraman district.

- Get back to Paveh city and go ahead to Bayangan village to see a different lifestyle of locals in Kurdistan of Iran.

- Have local dinner in Bayangan village and overnight in the very traditional accommodation.

Day 3: Historic Shewasar Mountain in the highlands of Bayangan district.

- After a local and organic breakfast Start the city tour by visiting the historic Quran in Zardui with 700 years old.

- Attend During a 1500-year-old ceremony in Zardui village we throw fire at the roof of each other's houses to give them light and hope in life as a gift.

- Now it's time to experience our magic foods as a local lunch.

- We have Kalana, the oldest sandwich in the world and Doein soup in the heart of nature in one of the garden houses of Zardui village.

- After a delicious local meal it's time for drinking hot tea.

- So next, visit the Dawan Village with 5500 years old history and the famous dancing ceremony and drinking local wild Blarouk Mountain Tea in a rocky scenery.

- Ahead to the national park with a 1-hour distance from the Bayangan at a border crossing point with Iraq called BUZIN & Maraxil jungle.

- Drive back to Tin Village with a tradition car called Shela Khajey Car to visit the most gifted village in Bayangan.

- we will see all the next paths of the tour on the heights of the sky in Tin.

- It's time to eat local dinner in a tradition station in Tin village.

- After sunset and dinner we return to the traditional accommodation for a comfortable overnight stay in Satiari village with a local Singing the world's oldest song by local peoples in a very traditional house. Hora is a unique form of Kurdish song with the age of 7000 years old. It is mother of all songs and comes from partridge voice. It is exquisite and very pleasant to ears. Syachmana is another form of mother songs in the world with more than 3740 years old age; it comes from the age of Zoroaster Iranian prophet

- sleep in the very luxury bed in hundreds of years ago.

Day 4: Shewasar Mountain in the highlands of Bayangan district.

- After a lovely nighty night, in the fourth day Local bread with Kezenka and local tea are ready for your Breakfast at Satiari at 8:00 am.

- Head out for a different weather and view in Shewasar Mountain in the highlands of Bayangan district.

- At this stage , we will pass halfway by Shela Khajey and Walking 2 Miles (1 Hour walking)along the high cliffs to arrive Shewasar if you interested in hiking and walking in the mountains in the heart of nature.

- The climbing and walking level in this path is average & semi-professional.

- Serving a different local tea and having our Local vegan food; Yaperakh.

- Walking towards Kaanizaan Mountain and leave for Mahar excursion that is 5 km away from Shewasar by Shela Khajey. Mahar is another mountain of Bayangan district that for more than a hundred years, it has been inhabited by native peoples of the region. Unlike Shewasar that Located at high altitudes, Mahar is a Valley in the middle of a forest and gardens with Blackberry and Walnut trees in which rivers flow among them.

- Picking and serving fresh organic fruits based on the season you are here.

- Coming back to Shewasar to our local accommodation called Kapr.

- After our local dinner service we will get out to see the wildlife in the nighty that we call it Manga Shaw by Shela Khajey car.

- Enjoy an overnight sleep in Shewasar villa & Kayel

Day 5: Bayangan walking

- Local breakfast at Shewasar accommodation.

- Return back to Bayangan by foot and mountain path in a 6 Miles route (2 Hours walking) if you choose hiking in your tour if not we can use Shala Khajey car instead of hiking.

- Drink mountain tea in Chaali Nayjol Peak and discover Bayangan and Watch it's architecture at high altitudes.

- Take a shower in Satiari village accommodation.

- Have our most luxury lunch that has been served in our wedding ceremony, Aw Gosht as the lunch of goodbye party.

- It’s time for Good bye Party by visiting our TimeTunnel Museum that hold you back to thousands of years ago by our local and traditional Souvenirs and tools like Kelash shoe with more than 1500 years history! and Kola Baal.

- Oak tree planting ceremony with your own name. We will take care of it after you leave here.

- White pigeon release ceremony with your hands.

- Get the organic package for you and 5% our income back to you from our locals as a gift.

- Departure from Bayangan .

- Return to Kermanshah city and visiting Taq-e Bostan and Bisotunhistorical monuments then accompany you to the airport.


Price includes:

1-full time driver

2-full time tour guide and translator.

3-all meals that are local and 100% organic ( we don’t use industrial products in our foods and the health of our clients is important for us)


5-gift packages that contains our organic products and cultural costumes

Price doesn’t include:

Airline ticket