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Join the team

For each country we work with people with an excellent local knowledge and a passion to share the sights and culture of the country as well as being able to navigate the vegan options. Want to do the same around the world. We build a team. People in different places and with different skills. You can be involved as little or as much as you are comfortable with.

For collaborations I have 3 options

1. Partner: creating and leading tours or retreats listed on our site

2. Ambassador: promote our tours

3. Friend: we help each other out

Reaching out to vegan businesses, we can offer these services

- Social media management

- Content creation, especially videography

- Website creation


Like to travel for free? We have paid jobs for those with the right skills.

Tour Organisers

Do you have experience working in the travel industry? Working from home, you will organise small group tours, from planning to booking. All tours are documented using our in-house software and google maps, so that the group are provided with detailed itineraries including all booking references, local contacts and facilities. Documentation is both on-line, and also in the form of a generated pdf documents allowing off-line consultation.

Tour Guides

Travelling with one of our small groups you will be responsible for a group of typically eight to 12 people. All arrangements and bookings need to be double checked and confirmed. Where necessary driving between locations and handling check-ins and check-outs. Shopping for food and preparing an evening meal, as well as a snack at lunchtime, and preparing breakfast. Organising local visits and liasing with local guides where appropriate.

Cooking Demonstrations

Are you a professional cook, or run a cooking blog? If you have experience in giving cookery lessons, we organise cookery courses.

Local guides

Do you have local knowledge of your area, and are experienced in leading local tours? We are particularly interested in culinary tours and demonstrations as well as local culture and wildlife.