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We are travelling across the whole of the Balkans region.

Most of the area is covered by mountain ranges running from the northwest to southeast. The main ranges are the Balkan Mountains (Stara Planina in Bulgarian language), running from the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria to the border with Serbia, the Rila-Rhodope massif in southern Bulgaria, the Dinaric Alps in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro, the Korab-Šar mountains which spreads from Kosovo to Albania and North Macedonia, and the Pindus range, spanning from southern Albania into central Greece and the Albanian Alps, and the Alps at the northwestern border.

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We are the Association of Vegans of Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you have information about vegan restaurants and markets that offer vegan products, let us know!

Our team consists of young, well-educated people passionate about animal rights and the protection of the environment. Also, we have many volunteers from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Rescuing the street dogs of Bosnia in Goražde

… is a project of the EMKA Group for the rescue and placement of street dogs without homes in new and loving hands in Europe. For this purpose we have established a dog rescue center according to European standards in Goražde in Bosnia.

Hope Vms Elaine's Dogs is registered in the federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina as an association for the protection of Animals. Founded in 2013 by sisters Maya Majoly and Sanela Sujoldzic, what started as a small shelter has now rapidly grown into a thriving dog rescue.

Our main focus is on saving mistreated, neglected, vulnerable Bosnian stray cats and dogs of all ages that without our help wouldn't stand a chance in live.

We have up to now rescued more than 300 dogs and cats which are now happily adopted mainly in the EU and UK

This problem started in the '90s and has multiplied drastically. For almost 30 years these dogs have been neglected and abused. Since there is no enforcement about neutering and spaying, the number of unwanted dogs has reached over 300,000. Bosnia is a very small country, anywhere you go you will see many dogs wondering and looking for food. In Bosnia dogs are beaten, shot, poisoned, kicked and run over.

Welcome to our new website! We are Andjeo Sarajevo, a registered charity based in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina. Andjeo means ‘Angel’. Our mission is for the care, medical treatment and sheltering of abandoned and lost animals, humane reduction of abandoned animals population and microchipping animals. Our special focus is on street dogs, organising education workshops and developing culture and raising consciousness regarding care for weak, powerless, rejected, sick, unprotected, handicapped and unaccepted animals. We also have initiatives for construction of animal shelter/rescue for abandoned animals…

Our mission is to rescue and care for homeless, abandoned and neglected dogs in the Srebrenica municipality, which is located in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. Most are hungry, some are sick, and none of them had a home to call their own. Until now.

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