Vegan & Climate

Let's raise awarness to fight Climate Change in West Africa !

GLOBISIS is a non-profit organization based in Dakar, Senegal, which works in the field of green transition and which carries out awareness-raising actions on Climate Change with

various audience : schools, universities, private companies, institutions in Senegal but also

in Gambia and Mali.

GLOBISIS acts in the following fields :

- Raising awareness in schools on the Sustainable Development Goals

- Support for schools in their Sustainable Development approach

- Screening-debates on the issue of plastic pollution and animal products impacts

- Support of plant-based and local kitchen in restaurants & schools

- Support in the processing and marketing for agricultural entrepreneurs and family farmers who invest in legumes

- Capacity Building & training sessions

- Support for restaurants and hotels in their waste reduction

- Promotion on plant-based alternatives

Since the meat consumption is one of the most important causes of global warming and

since many african countries are currently facing health issues such as diabetes and heart

diseases but also a decrease of animal protein availability due to both population growth

and depletion of fish stocks, GLOBISIS has decided to focuse on plant-based advocacy

and meat reduction efforts.

To reach some of the Sustainable Development Goals such as “Zero Hunger” and

“Responsible Production & Consumption”, GLOBISIS wants to focus on promoting a socially

responsible, plant-based, and vegan lifestyle as a multi-problem solution.

Being vegan in Senegal, yes it is possible!

Recipes, encounters, tips, don't hesitate to share...

This group is made to exchange, advise, inform. In the benevolence and respect of all (animals and humans).

Welcome and together, let's do our part...


Sustainable Development Expert ♻️ | Plant-Based & Animal Advocate Ⓥ | Slow Life Enthousiast | Founder of GLOBISIS, Green & Plant-Based Transition in West Africa🌱🌎