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Now that there is more awareness in Hong Kong about the plant-based diet, we are evolving into SocialVegan 2.0. Our mission is still to help SocialVegans on their plant-based journey, but with our professional nutrition and market knowledge accumulated over the past few years, we are ready to embark on the second stage of our journey - to provide personalised support to our dear SocialVegan friends.

We offer two main services:

  • Nutrition and wellness counselling: For SocialVegans who are new to the plant-based journey, or veterans who want to fine-tune the way they nourish themselves with plant power, SocialVegan is here to help. Our in-house nutritionist support can offer you personalised support to navigate the challenges that are unique to you. Adults and kids alike.

  • Business consultancy: We know that you have enough on your plate as an F&B business owner, but we also know that your heart is with us to make Hong Kong a more inclusive place for plant-eaters. we are here to provide a full suite of services including menu design, marketing support, copywriting and staff training. Leave all the details to us.


The first GOVEG magazine started its publication in 2014. The concept of plant based diet was still in its infancy in Asia and Hong Kong. Promotion of healthy and sustainable lifestyle is the motivation and therefore started promoting vegan lifestyle out of religious scope. in Hong Kong since 2008. With collaboration of volunteers worldwide, a global campaign "Meat Free Monday" was launched by on-line pledging. Meanwhile in Hong Kong, the first Meat Free Monday gathering was held in August 2009. It was vegan dinner gathering every Monday attracted thousands of members from all over the world and attention of the local media were caught.

Nowadays, most of the members has become vegan consumers and advocated with their passion, Hong Kong has become one of the vegan friendly city in Asia.


A vegan activist from Hong Kong who believes art/stories that reach people's heart is one of the most effective ways to promote peace.

Creating of a podcast. Maintains a list of top vegan restaurants in Hong Kong


🌱 Registered Metaphysican & Holistic Healer

💡 Shamanic Lightworker

🙏🏻 Reiki Master Practitioner

🤲🏻 Golden Angelic Healing Teacher

All of us are divine beings~ I’m here to assist all beings to reconnect our divine nature~ break the norm and all the matrix illusions in order to bring back the ultimate joy and peace~

Empath, shamanic light worker. Experienced the darkness place. Keep on transforming and rising from her own ashes.

Into metaphysics and humanity since she was a kid. Started her soul searching journey from adolescent by meditation, follow her path by lucid dreams.

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