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Tomi Makanjuola 🙋🏾‍♀️ | 📍UK

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The Vegan Nigerian is a platform dedicated to making Nigerian cuisine and the vegan lifestyle accessible to the mainstream - through online resources, workshops and bespoke events.

On The Vegan Nigerian you'll discover heaps of delicious and easy plant-based recipes, many inspired by my Nigerian cultural heritage.  I also share weekly cooking videos and vlogs.    

In 2018 I published The Plantain Cookbook, which features over 40 plantain-infused vegan recipes. 

I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. For as long as I can remember I have absolutely loved food. From shopping for it, to making it, to watching other people experiment with it on TV cooking shows. Like writing, it was somewhat of a creative outlet for me; a way to express myself and bring exciting food ideas to life. 

Everything that I do is infused with positive energy, love and creativity. My goal is always to have these reflected in my food and in the events that I host.

Vchunks is a healthy option to substitute traditional, animal meat. Vchunks surprisingly tastes like meat – even better 😉 – and can be used the same way: in stews, noodles, suya etc. The health benefits are numerous: no cholesterol (that builds up blood pressure/hypertension which is a major contributor to heart diseases), no animal fats, no chemicals and preservatives. Also good for diabetes control, weight management, better digestion, high in protein and many more benefits.


Do you want to radically transform your health and well-being - drop excess weight, prevent disease, look great and feel great? We're here to help.

A directory of healthy eating spots, whole foods groceries and natural products vendors

Media Design

Graphic Designing Page that promises stress free Graphic Designs and video animations Delivery.


APON was created to curb animal suffering in Nigeria via an organised multi-disciplinary team-based system.

We Protect animal rights and promote animal welfare through open public sensitisation campaign to inform individuals about animal rights and corporate campaign to improve on animal welfare status.

A focus on Nigeria and Africa to secure a better life for both Companions and Farmed Animals through effective dissemination of information about cruelty to them and horrendous conditions.


Promoting Integrated Human, Animal, Environmental and Ecosystem Health.

We are dedicated to promoting and fostering One Health news, education, collaboration, advocacy, research and solutions across human, animal, and environmental health. At OHDI, our mission is rooted in the belief that public health issues are intertwined across the human, animal, and environmental ecosystems thereby requiring a holistic approach to effective and sustainable solutions.

Therefore, in implementing our various activities through social impact and health programs, media projects, advocacy, and research, the core values of “One Health” are consistently integrated to achieve sustainable results in health promotion and sustainable development.

Inspiring environmental consciousness

We are a passionate initiative on a journey to inspire environmental change, committed to a sustainable future an bring a shift in environmental consciousness based on passion.