We are an association for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone else wishing to support a plant-based lifestyle. One of our primary goals is to promote the plant-based way of living in Denmark as well as to disseminate information about how our dietary choices affect animals, our bodies, and the planet.

We work to ensure that information and debate in public media regarding a plant-based lifestyle, e.g. the benefits of a whole foods plant-based diet, correspond to evidence-based scientific research.

We actively participate in the public debate in order to push political institutions toward green initiatives within the fields of health, sustainability and animal ethics, and we launch various campaigns and awareness events.


Planned Tours

We are planning a trip to Copenhagen.


The idea of clean label, wholefood, organic, plant-based products made from actual veggies.


What is Li’som? Well, Li’som means “kinda like “ and at Li’som we do content.

……photos, videos, recipes, logos, slogans (it’s still a thing!), illustrations, jokes, we write, we conceptualize, we paint, we draw and we specialize in food and it all has to be made from plants…

“say that again”

We do all of the above for companies and products as long as they are plant based.

We’re Li’som - an ad agency, but vegan!

Before you say: ”oh get of your high horse, vegan hippies!”

We’d like to add, it’s not a horse it’s a unicorn and beyond our one rule to only help sell plant based goods to the world, we have NO MORALS… Selling guns? We’re you’re guys! meth? Bring it! If it’s certified vegan, we’ll help you sell it

OK, if it’s certified vegan AND legal we’ll help you tell the people of the world why it’s so cool… besides it being vegan AND legal…

As far as we know we’re the first and only vegan ad agency on the planet. We’re specialised at a field that is expanding. We see companies breaking into the plant based market every day, but many don’t know their costumers, we do and we know all the competition out there, we’ve tasted everything for the last 15 years.



Animal Protection Denmark is a non-profit association founded in 1875 and financed mainly by private funds. Our work includes rescue and care for animals at local level across Denmark, divided into 13 districts. Here, our direct animal welfare work is managed by volunteer District Chairmen. In each district a number of volunteer Circle Chairmen and Assistants are also assigned to the animal rescue service.

Organisation Against the Suffering of Animals is an animal protection organisation and 100% volunteer driven. Founded in 2006.

Help make a difference

Dyrenes Alliance is an active association run by young people fighting for a just world for all animals.


Grøn Alliance is a political association that fights for the rights of farm animals and to promote Danish nature, climate action, health and plant-based diet, environment and biodiversity.

We are a merger between two political parties. We got into parliament with 6 mandates as a result of merging with the party "Alternativet"

"We are ordinary citizens who are against animal cruelty and want nature back from agriculture."

The Vegan Party proposes that conventional livestock production in Denmark be phased out as soon as possible, but no later than 2030. This is done with a view to meeting the government's and the Folketing's own 70% CO2 eq reduction target. These farms as well as areas where fodder is grown are converted to plant-based food production and more wild nature and more forests are established. The land released from the large production of fodder is divided so that about half is used for plant-based food production and the other half for nature and forests.

Animal rights

Animals must be granted basic rights. The right not to be bred in an industry where the welfare of the animal is always held up against the profit that can be earned on its body. The right not to be locked up and to experience people committing abuse.

Meet our Team

Campaign and Outreach development for Denmark and the Faroe Islands at Sea Shepherd UK - Marine Conservation Charity