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Free-From Heaven is a magazine and website championing everything gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan and dairy-free.

LAIKA Magazine is a modern guide to vegan living. New York City's first and only vegan lifestyle and animal rights magazine.

MyGreenPod is packed with green news and product reviews, green pearl giveaways, interviews with characters who are leading the charge and articles to get you inspired.

Origin Magazine is a platform for art, culture, conscious lifestyle, humanitarianism, sustainability and yoga.

Raw Food Magazine is the premier digital magazine for raw living and the raw food diet. Packed full of recipes, videos, interviews and advice from the pros.

Vegan Food and Living is Britain's best-selling, award-winning vegan magazine dedicated to celebrating all things vegan and cruelty-free. Each issue is packed with 75 recipes, news and in-depth features.

Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine was the first internationally distributed magazine with the word vegan in the title. The magazine's mission? To make the world a healthier, more compassionate place.

Vegan Life Magazine is bringing Vegan into Vogue — the UK's first vegan consumer magazine.

Vegan Lifestyle Magazine is an enjoyable, intriguing, friendly and sometimes challenging community which highlights all the positive aspects of a plant based vegan life.

Vegan Living celebrates the most exciting and delicious aspects of vegan life. Every month you'll find the latest, tastiest recipes and the top chefs, cooks and bloggers from the expanding vegan food scene, alongside news, features, eating out, health and beauty, fashion, travel and competitions.

Vilda — Swedish for "the wild one" — is an international digital vegan fashion magazine. Their aim is to inspire elevated compassionate living.

VegWorld Magazine is the first digital interactive vegan magazine featuring the plant based world's leading thinkers, scientists, authors, chefs and visionaries.

Chickpea Magazine is a quarterly vegan lifestyle magazine, for all vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike.

Basmati is a community of like-minded, passionate individuals who want to change the world through practices grounded in Ayurveda, yoga, and sustainable farming.

Earthsave Canada is a Vancouver-based charity that advocates the move toward a more whole food, plant-based diet for environmental sustainability, better health, and compassion toward animals.

From the makers of the film of the same name, Forks Over Knives features over 400 recipes from 30 leading chefs, with new recipes added every week, along with encouraging stories from real Forks Over Knives users and how a vegan diet has changed their lives.

Join husband and wife team Brian and Melissa as they answer the age-old question, is it vegan?

Meatless Monday is a global movement with a simple message: once a week, cut the meat.

Oh So Very Vegan is a site dedicated to the vegan lifestyle. It covers topics including eating vegan, vegan fashion, vegan news, vegan celebrities, vegan travel destinations, vegan restaurants, vegan recipes and vegan humour.

Representing America's leading plant-based food companies the Plant Based Foods Association advocates for better policies to meet the growing consumer demand for plant-based foods.

The Vegan Society provides advice, as well as campaigns on, ways of living free of animal products for the benefit of humans, other animals and the planet.

Vegan Womble is a community blog for all things vegan. Their posts on all manner of topics vegan are put together either by, or with the help of the Vegan Womble Community - a friendly bunch of eagle-eyed sourcers and samplers from across the UK. offers the web's most helpful information about plant-based eating with no clickbait, fluff, or intrusive ads.

VegansofLDN is your visual guide for all vegan food and lifestyle options available to Londoners. Founded by Serena Lee in 2015, they're a 60,000+ strong community sharing everything from fine dining to vegan haircare services and kitchen appliances handy for vegans.

Veganuary is a charity inspiring people to try vegan for January and throughout the rest of the year.

Latest Vegan News is a community where omnivores and herbivores alike can get the scoop on all things vegan and plant-based, from the latest product announcements to restaurant openings to culinary trends.

One Green Planet is the fastest growing (and largest) independent publishing platform focused on sustainable food, animal welfare issues, environmental protection, and cruelty-free, green living.