Please support Ukraine.

My name is Katya Chubchyk and I am a student living in Odesa. In February 2022 Russia invaded my country. I have been offered a scholarship to do an MA in Global Citizenship and Sustainability Leadership at University of Wales, Trinity St David. I plan to use my qualification to work on projects to rebuild my country. I need your support in order to achieve this goal. I would be most grateful for donations, no matter how small.



Getting Ukrainians to safety.

We are working to minimize refugees’ trauma and make their experience of fleeing the country as safe as possible. Once across the border, we aim to help with registration, accommodation, and integration for a swift transition to employment and education until safe return is possible.

Humanitarian aid

Transporting much needed core supplies into Ukraine.

We understand one size does not fit all on the ground in Ukraine. With insights from our networks, we precisely target our relief efforts, work with officials to identify regional specific needs, source high quality goods, and organise transport to where help is needed most.


Preserving and rebuilding infrastructure to help Ukraine recover and prosper.

Preserving is better than rebuilding. We endeavour to use established monetary flows, supporting local companies and their employees, to preserve Ukrainian infrastructure and supply chains.

We helped 10200+ women and children from Ukraine flee war. Help us save more lives.