Vegan Apps

Here are a selection of apps that you can have handy in your pocket while out shopping, to answer questions about which products and safe for vegans. Either scanning barcodes, or listing directories of products and services that you can trust. Some will give more detailed information about the health aspects and what horrors may be hidden in well known brands, you thought that you could trust. Other aspects like animals testing and ethical practises of big companies can be surprising. Finally we are armed with the knowledge, so that we can vote with our wallet. No longer be seduced, or brainwashed by mainstream marketing and mindless advertising. The general rule is that the more you see a product advertised, the worse it is.

The first of its kind; an all encompassing ecosystem, designed to support a complete vegan-sharing-economy. Enjoy your lifestyle and connect with vegans all over the world by sharing meals, events, products, recipes and blogs.

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This is a handy app that helps diners find vegan, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly places to eat while out or traveling. It covers over 180+ countries, making sure you’ll have somewhere to eat vegan wherever you are. HappyCow costs $3.99 and is only available on iOS. It is also available for free through the website. There’s a free Android version with limited capabilities.

A must-have for frequent fliers.

This app tells you which airports have plant-based dining options and how many based on a color rating system. Green means many, yellow means a few, and red means extremely limited options.


Price: $2.99

Veganagogo is a fun and easy way to communicate your vegan dietary requirements almost anywhere in the world. Our simple yet precise selection of statements and questions have been professionally translated into 50 languages allowing vegans to locate suitable restaurants and order food with confidence wherever their travels may take them.


Vegan Amino

Join a fast growing Vegan community. Meet other vegans, get the best recipes and latest news, and share your tips, trips, and experiences. CHAT with other vegans. DISCOVER cooking tips. GET the latest news. SHARE your creations. LEARN from and CONTRIBUTE to our vegan catalog

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With Veggie Alternatives, you can find over 300 animal-friendly substitutes for over 35 different food products, including Bacon, Ice Cream, Chocolate and even Eggs! Browse websites, see prices and buy products in-app – all with a couple of clicks.

Veggie Alternatives is the perfect app for vegetarians, vegans, or anyone that’s curious about what they eat – it’s also great if you have vegetarian friends! Use our user-friendly interface to easily navigate through hundreds of alternatives (and recipes) and start replacing your favourite foods instantly!


Veganagogo Vegan Travel

This is similar to HappyCow, except it focuses on England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It also includes some cities in Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, and Switzerland as well as LA and NYC in the USA. So if you’re visiting any of this places, this app will be perfect for finding vegan-friendly restaurants while you’re out.

Similar to Is It Vegan?, except it also includes cruelty-free and vegan beauty products. It works the same way – just scan a product and it’ll tell you if it contains animal products. This app is only available on iOS.

This is not only a lifesaver, it’s also very easy to use. You simply open it up, scan the barcode of whatever products you’re interested in, and it will tell you whether the product is vegan, vegetarian, or neither.


Cruelty Free

This app tells you if a product was tested on animals and is regularly updated with new products. Users can scan products, see brand logos and descriptions to match in-store, shop using direct links to brand websites, and create a shopping list of their favorite brands

Here’s another app that allows you to scan barcodes. What makes a little different from the rest is that it allows you to search specific brands and/or browse a large list, then tells you if the company is vegan, working for regulatory changes, or testing on animals. You might be surprised at some of the companies that aren’t so cruelty-free.