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A forum to share ideas and promote vegetarianism and veganism in Zimbabwe.

Our Mission...

Our mission is to be the leading distributor of healthy living products and services in Zimbabwe and beyond to create a healthy people in a disease afflicted world.

Our Products...

Our products are characterized by being 100% plant based. We thrive to provide the best/close to best untempered plant based products. Our products are not tempered in the sense that they are not contaminated with food additives that we find in most products such as food colorants, preservatives and many more artifacts to improve odour, taste and shelf life of products.

Our products fall into 3 categories

1. Direct Farm produce- in the form of grains e.g. sugar beans, round nuts, peanuts, maize grain, sunflower seed e.t.c

2. Processed Farm produce- soya bean, grains, nuts derivatives e.g. soy butter, soy nuggets, sunflower spread, peanut butter, sorghum, mhunga, zviyo, mealie rice, samp e.t.c.

3. Cooked- meals that are free from additives and are 100% plant based, snacks that are produced under natural/healthy conditions e.g. sundried nuts, smoothies, roasted nuts, none dairy yoghurt substitutes.

Our Services...

We conduct Health Seminars

Cooking Schools

Vegan cooking for functions such as weddings, parties, corporate cocktail parties.

We run a restaurant under the name V-Delights which prepares 100% plant based meals


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