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Serbia is great for travel, it is more for mountains and hiking, and for city breaks, because it is land locked. The capital is amazing for tourists, Belgrade, but Novi Sad is great as well. Both cities have several vegan restaurants and Serbia is in general very vegan friendly because as Orthodox Christians they have fasting periods two times a year so many products are "accidentally vegan".

When it comes to mountains you can check out Zlatibor, Kopaonik, and Tara mountains.

We travel to Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Instanbul and other countries in the region.   A trip to Serbia can be added as an extension while we are in the region and when we get enough demand.  Certainly Belgrade should be considered while in the region.

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All of you who love nature and animals, and are a curious person who is always ready to learn and learn something new, and who follow the events in Belgrade, you must get ready to have a great time at the next BeGeVege Festival

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A great selection of macrobiotic products including a great range that are 100% gvean.

Newspaper style blog, with articles on local events, services, restaurants, fashion, music, cosmetics.  Guides on adopting the vegan lifestyle with a list of top films.


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