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A few years ago, we took up a personal challenge, through the years we embarked on a journey to alter our diet to transform our lives, and got overwhelming results which evidence how our healthy living options have impacted our lives, to the extent that we feel we can go an extra mile to convince the world on the natural powers that lies in a plant based nutritional diet and thus Veganic Foods was born.

There are wondrous health benefits that are found in eating plant based foods, you may not understand them fully unless you get into it. One of the observable benefits is that we grow old much slower than people who are on animal based diets. We rarely get sick and we are more likely to never get lifestyle diseases.

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l have been practicing natural healing through natural food, healthy life stiles and simple natural herbal medicine for close to three years now. I currently hold a Diploma in population health from Endeavour College of Natural Health, Australia.


🐕 Dedicated to improving domestic animal welfare in and around Livingstone, Zambia 🐈

Zambezi Animal Welfare Services (ZAWS) is a non-profit organization that was established in 2014. Our mission is to improve the health and welfare of domestic animals, mostly dogs and cats.

ZAWS hopes to inspire people to own a dog or cat as a loved companion and give owners the requisite knowledge and assistance. There is no other domestic animal welfare organization in the southern or western provinces of Zambia, so everything ZAWS does makes a significant difference. Currently, demand for help is much greater than our capacity.

ZAWS relies solely on the generosity of donors to provide food, bedding and materials for the shelter, funds for the constant medical invoices, and for the continuing development of our shelter and facilities.